e-vent offers two basic price models.

You can either license the software and we will calculate the price based on your annual bookings and event size, or you can decide to make our software temporarily available as an agency service for a one-off occasion. In either case, you will have an inexpensive professional solution at your fingertips.

Cost model - license

For several events and/or large numbers of participants throughout the year
Email and telephone support, free upgrades
Price depends on the number of bookings and the complexity of adaptation to your needs (layout based on CI, templates, interfaces, etc.)

Cost model - agency services

For one-off events
Full support: we support you and take care of setting up your event.
Price calculation based on the numbers of participants and the complexity of the event

We want to offer you the best possible solution for your project. Since the requirements for participant management always vary, please contact us for an offer.